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Throws Training

At the moment (March 2021) there is no coaching of hammer and discus - the throws cage is not available for us to use.

Andy coaches on Monday's only.

Limit on number of athletes

For the summer training programme there is a limit on the number of athletes who will be coached.

Why is this? To throw well requires good technique, each athlete is different, will learn in different ways and at different speeds. The coach has to be able to give attention to each athlete when they throw – this takes time. Also, throwing takes time – implements have to be retrieved after each throw. A large group means athletes have less chance to learn and restricts their ability to make progress.

Are there any criteria for deciding who will be coached? Priority will be given to athletes who are Club members, who regularly attend training throughout the summer and winter and who compete for the Club.

If you are thinking about joining Shrewsbury AC to train for the throws, please contact the throws coach (find the details here Coach details 17.5.21 ) to check that there’s space.

 Throws implements weights

You can get information about the weight of implements for your age group here:

Shot – weights and age groups

Javelin – weights and age groups

Hammer – weights and age groups

Discus – weights and age groups

 Power of 10 rankings

The rankings set a minimum standard which can be used as a target to be achieved by budding throwers.

You can see the standards for the throws events here:

Power of 10 Ranking baseline

For more information about Power of 10 visit the website http://www.thepowerof10.info/