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Training & Venues

Training takes place throughout the year. The venues differ according to the training you are doing and the time of the year. Please carefully check the information below on a regular basis. Changes will be shown as news on the Home Page. London Road Sports Centre and athletics track are closed on Bank Holidays.

The summer and winter training arrangements may differ depending on the training you do. Training arrangements will be posted on this page and updated when they change.

Where we meet: the main base for the Club is:

London Road Sports Centre and athletics track
Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology
London Road

Current Training Timetable – Club nights

Mondays 6pm – 8pm (all year - outdoors)

Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm (all year - outdoors)

Thursdays 6pm to 7pm (winter only - indoors)

2019 Summer Training Programme

2019/20 Winter Training Programme

Senior Endurance Athletes meet on Mondays and  Wednesdays. See the Training Programme (above) for details.

Find directions to the track at London Road Sports Centre here http://www.londonroadsports.co.uk/contact/


Find directions to Roman Road Sports Centre here https://shropshire.gov.uk/roman-road-sports-centre/