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Competiting General Information

As a member of Shrewsbury AC there are many opportunities to compete in Track & Field competitions. If you are a member of another club it may be possible to compete for Shrewsbury AC – enquiry form for more information about this. 

Why Compete?

- competition is where you put all your training into practice, pitting yourself against other athletes and aiming to set a personal best mark

- in league competition your Club needs as many athletes as possible taking part to get the maximum number of points for the team

- you will also enjoy the camaraderie of your teammates 

One of our junior Club member’s (Kati Hulme) has told us why she takes part in Track & Field competition

“I take part in the Track and Field competitions for many reasons.

First of all competitions are great fun and I always look forward to going to one, even if it’s a big one. Lots of my friends do the competitions and they enjoy it too. We get to compete with people who are also good at the same event as us, many of whom might compete against us in other competitions, including Sportshall events during the winter months.

When you are doing one of the Track and Field competitions, the atmosphere is just fantastic. All the local clubs are there and everybody is supporting each other. This is what I like most about these competitions. Everyone is there for the same reason. We are all competing in the same competition.

When competing, you compete against then other athletes but you can also aim to improve your own performanceby trying to beat your Personal Best in your event(s).

As with the Sportshall competitions, you can earn valuable points for you club by entering an event even if you are placed last. It’s the taking part that counts, not just the winning!” 


The Club participates in leagues for veteran, senior and junior athletes. Use the links below for more information about the competition for each age group. The Club enters these competitions and all members can participate subject to age restrictions and availability of events. The entry costs are covered by your annual membership fee.


Championship events are held each year. They range from the County Championships through to the British Championships. Some apply entry standards. It is the responsibility of individual athletes to enter these events although coach’s ( Coach details 4.4.17 ), Team Managers and Club Officials can provide advice. 

Open Competition

These events are promoted by individual clubs and are open to all athletes to enter. While many will cater for all events, some will specialise by offering only throws events for example. It is the responsibility of individual athletes to enter these events although coach’s, team managers and Club Officials can provide advice. 

Telford Spring Open. Wednesday 5th April 2017.  2018 dates coming soon.

Birchfield Harriers Open. Sunday 23rd April 2017. 2018 dates coming soon

Wenlock Olympian Games. Sunday 9th July 2017. 2018 dates coming soon.

Telford Games. Saturday 9th September 2017. 2018 dates coming soon.

Search for other Open Events here http://www.openmeetings.co.uk/ 

Power of 10 website

On the Power of 10 website you can check your ranking against other athletes in your age group. Amongst other things you can also view competition results and athlete profiles. 

Competition for Disabled Athletes

Classification is an integral part of athletics for disabled athletes which enables fair competition for all competitors. Once an athlete has a national classification they will be issued with a British Athletics card confirming the classification group. For more information use this link to England Athletics. 

Competition for Transplant Athletes

Anyone who has had a major organ transplant (including bone marrow and stem cell) is eligible to compete as a Transplant athlete. For more information go to the Transplant Sport UK website. 

Want to Compete?

Go to the Join Us page to find out how to join Shrewsbury AC

Already a member? Use this link to find the Team Manager you need to let know that you want to compete.