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There are plenty of opportunities for juniors to be involved in athletics at Shrewsbury AC. See the other pages under this tab for information on Cross Country, Sportshall and Track & Field. Visit other pages to get information about membership, training, coaches and team managers.

When we set up this website in 2014 one of our Club member’s (Kati Hulme) has told us why she was a member of SAC and took part in Sportshall. Kati is still a club member, and in 2021 broke the 25 year-old County 400m hurdles record. Kati has provided an update.

What Kati said in 2014.

“I take part in the Sportshall competitions for a variety if reasons. Yes it’s fun and yes I want to win but there are many more reasons why.

What do you do on a Sunday? Have a lie in? Watch a film? Have a pyjama day? On most Sunday’s I do the same, but when I get an invite to go to the Sportshall competitions I want to do it. I always say yes. But you may be thinking why give up your day for relaxing to go to an indoor athletics competition? I do this for my club. If everyone said no then who would represent the club? In fact what would be the point in the club? I know only a few people who will always try to come to these Sportshall events. Whether they are good or bad, they still turn up.

Doing these Sportshall competitions keeps your fitness up. yes you may only do one event but you’re still exercising. By doing any event in the competition like 2 laps, 2 lap hurdles, shot put, long jump etc. you will increase your chance of finding your best event quicker. You can be entered in at least 2 events and a relay.

It took me a long time to find my best event. I tried so many different ones like hurdles, long distance an javelin. But by doing Sportshall competitions it was easier to find it. Every time you enter you get points for your club. So even if your club has come last then you will still know that you helped and gave it your best shot.

You compete against many other clubs such as Wenlock Olympians and Bridgnorth. You will see the same people over and over again from any of the clubs who may be in the event/s that you are doing. This gives you a great chance of making new friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a different club, you’re still doing the same things.”

Kati's 2021 update.

''7 years on from the last write up I made for Shrewsbury AC and I’m still just as in love with the sport as I was then. From when I first started athletics at the age of 9 to competing in 2014 to finding new events to moving away to university where I currently train, I’ve been through so much with my passion for the sport.

When I last posted on the Shrewsbury AC page I was enjoying training and competing in multiple events such as high-jumping, long-jumping, and sprint hurdling. As I grew older, I found I had a natural talent in speed endurance training. My coach, Arnie Wray, suggested I tried 300m hurdles as an under-17. I trained hard for the event and soon came my first season of competing in the event, where I exceeded my goals and ended up being selected to compete at the English Schools championships in 2017. The consecutive year I got selected again to run in the 300m hurdles and in 2019 when I moved into the under-20 age group I competed at the championships in the 400m hurdles. Sadly, in my last year of being able to compete at the championships was the year covid hit.

Lockdown was challenging, like it was for many people. Without the track open, there was no where to train. Meole Brace playing field became my best friend where I did sprint, hill, and speed endurance training sessions. It was difficult to not put loads of pressure on myself to stay fit enough to compete to my usual standard, looking back I should’ve been less tough on myself.

Fast forward to now, I’m currently going into my second year at University of Birmingham where they have amazing sports facilities and I’m training with a brilliant group of 200m/400m/400mH runners. I’ve made some great friends here and all throughout my years of athletics, which I think is the best thing about the sport. Athletics has so many physical, mental, and social benefits which is why it’s so great to encourage kids to start at a club and I will be biased and say Shrewsbury AC is the best club. All the coaches at Shrewsbury AC are incredible and dedicate their own time to leading sessions for kids/adults of all ages, each one of them specialising in different events. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the coaches there, they’re the most important part of the club.

I’m no one special, I’m an ordinary girl from Shrewsbury with a passion for athletics but to hope I’m inspiring young girls and boys means the world to me and I hope to inspire many and continue to enjoy the sport until I grow old.''

    Kati in 2021               Kati in 2014